what is cupping?

how cupping works

Cupping therapy is one of the oldest methods of complementary medicine known to many nations dating as far back as 400 BC in ancient Greece. It has been documented that the ancient Egyptians used cupping for healing in 1550BC and evidence has been found to show cupping being used in ancient China as far back as 1000BC. It is a well known and popular form of traditional Chinese medicine to date.

The procedure itself involves mild suction created on the skin using special cups placed on specific points on the body. This mobilises blood flow to promote healing, remove stagnant congested blood and lymph and improves circulation. The suction moves the blood toxins to the surface of the skin, allowing the body to remove it and replace it with fresh, nutrient rich blood to replenish the body.This process is used to treat a great number of medical illnesses as well as promoting general physical and psychological well-being.

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