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WET cupping (hijama)

This practice of Hijama (Arabic for ‘sucking’) involves local suction using the cups on the selected areas of the body. After a few minutes the cup is then removed and small scratches are made on the skin using a sterile cupping scalpel. A second suction is used to carefully draw out a small quantity of blood to remove toxins. This is done in a strictly hygienic way. The skin is then soothed using oil. We use 100% pure Olive oil, known for its healing properties. Wet cupping is the most frequently used, oldest and most effective method of cupping.

Dry Cupping

This is the process of using mild suction on different areas of the body in order to gather the blood products to the surface of the skin. This improves circulation of blood and lymph and allows the body’s natural immune system to remove these stagnant/old toxins. The cups are left on for 10-15mins.

Dry Cupping Massage

This relaxing therapy involves oil applied to the skin. Gentle suction is placed on the body and the cup is massaged over the body along its Meridian lines. This therapy provides deep tissue stimulation, improves circulation, mobilise lymphatic congestion and eases muscular tension in a more effective way than conventional massage techniques.

Vitamin Boost Injections

Vitamin injections are a quick and effective way of introducing vital nutrients directly to your bloodstream. Unlike orally taken vitamins, vitamin injections bypass the digestive system and result in a 90-100% vitamin absorption rate.

healthy lifestyle advice

As Healthcare Professionals we provide FREE general information for our patients on how to adopt healthier lifestyles. As part of this advice, we cover; diet, health management, nutrition, weight loss & injury prevention tips.

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