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Great service @shifa cupping clinic , fully explained in detailed before the service and through it, great work place and environment, highly professional. Must recommend 10/10
sunny afzal
Manni is very welcoming and has a professional service. I would recommend him to anyone who hasn't had cupping before 🙌
ijaz siddiq
It was a great first time experience. I would definitely recommend it to anybody even if you don't have aches or pains. Natural way to feel great about yourself. Shifa clinic has a fast and professional service. Definitely recommend cupping here.
jav khan
Fantastic feeling well worth having it done Seriously good service by the brother we’ll explained my staff form usha will be all having it done � !!!
ibrahim ali
Very helpful with health and safety issues regarding cupping. I would recommend it as a Sunnah treatment.
nissar choudary
Best feeling ever.everything explained and the procedure was really good.will sure be going back again
abdul munim
Absolutely the best cupping clinic around the north west. Would definitely recommend it and I been a monthly regular ever since. Noticed big difference in my health since I started. Mani top man
wahid mehboob
I went here looking to detox my body of old dirty toxins aswell as trying to heal a persistent shoulder problem, 2 days post treatment and so far so good. Excellent service
ryan mirfield
What an excellent first time experience! 5* recommended and feel absolutely great!
great experience and the customer service was ace.
rizwan asghar
Highly recommend, great set up and excellent service. Reap the benefits of cupping and feel great.
sufyan ahmed
I visited Shifa clinic for cupping on Saturday morning and was pleasantly surprised to see my childhood friend Mani as the practitioner. I have had cupping carried out on me for around 15 years now by different people and I can honestly say Mani was one of the best. His clinic is nice and clean, he himself is very professional and his explanation included things I was not aware of. Two days later and I feel full of renewed energy and ready to go! I highly recommend you visit him if you are interested in having cupping done.
wes chaudry
Fantastic from start to finish... Very professional and organised practise.. Highly recommended.. Try it for yourself
iky ahmed
Went today for my first session. Was a bit nervous as I wasn't totally sure what to expect. Manny answered all my questions and reassured me all the way through. I have a lot of pain in my shoulder and neck area so he concentrated on them as well as doing the deep cleanse. It didn't hurt anywhere near as much as I was expecting and towards the end I was rather relaxed. Manny even showed me the results of what came out and also took photos throughout for me to look at afterwards. Very professional and a very pleasant experience. Looking forward to going again.
darren booth
I would like to share my cupping experience with those interested in having the treatment done: •The clinic was up to the standards one would expect from a regulated medical practice. •The practitioner was professional, polite and experienced. •Alhamdulillah i'm in good health so had the treatment for general well being, the practitioner tailored the treatment to meet my health requirements via an initial consultation. •I generally feel more energetic, less fatigued and less stressed - what I was hoping to achieve from the treatment. •I would recommend the treatment and the practice to all, its Sunnah at the end of the day! Wish Shifa clinic all the best for the future, keep up the good work and inshallah see u again Naweed manzur
First time For everything, I did not know what to expect but I will be coming back. Nice clean relaxing and the treatment was completely different to what I expected. Very happy 🤓
grant scott
Fantastic feeling well worth having it done Seriously good service by the brother we’ll explained my staff form usha will be all having it done � !!!
ibrahim ali
Alhamdulillah hai with Allah swt's blessings my kidney pain and back pain has eased I Would recommend it to everyone the staff are so friendly the environment was very clean clear and relaxed most of all the staff are so friendly it was my first time made me feel so welcome it was a sucessful cupping Alhamdulillah that i recommend every one to atleast try the sunnat of cupping you dont know what your missing out in sha Allah I will be going back jazak Allah khaira for your dedication and kindness may Allah swt always keep you happy and prosperous
omar zaman
Feeling great again after my 2nd session, I've been looking forward to this all week ! Carried out in a very clean and professional manor ! If the weeks ahead are as good as the last time I had this done a month ago then bring it on, this really has sorted out a couple of aches n pains for me! Can't wait to try the deep tissue theropy when ur set up , hopefully in a month when I'm back for my next session . Thanks pal.
eddie blake
Brother Mansoor thank you. Very professional, great explanation throughout procedure. 5* service.
taymour akhtar

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