Treatment Advice

what to expect

  • The cupping sessions are not painful. The amount of suction applied will be altered depending on the area cupped and the patients comfort.


  • Wet upping involves tiny superficial scratches on the surface of the skin NOT incisions/cuts deep into the skin.


  • All equipment used is single use, sterile and disposable. Each session will last between 30-60 minutes (dependant on treatment). The number of cups used will depend on the treatment as advised.


  • The clinic provides treatment in a relaxing setting with emphasis on high professional standards of care, safety and hygiene.


  • Before your cupping session it is advised that you do not eat for at least 3 hours,including sugary drinks. However drinking water prior to your appointment is recommended.


  • After cupping there is usually a painless ring/mark where the cup has been placed. This skin discolouration is not permanent and will last for several days before fading and disappearing.


  • For wet cupping there may be some itching as the skin heals but there should not be any permanent marks on the skin. Olive Oil will be massaged onto the area after the cupping to promote healing.


  • Cupping Treatments and Massage Cupping can be done at any time and interval.

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